Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update for Sept 25

Time for the Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update. It is a small one this morning.

Catholic Tube has a vid up that answers the questions what Sharks and Catholics have in common at Sharks and Catholic

From The Recamier has her regular post on the facts of the day(In this case Yesterday since I usually catch her post from the day before when I update). She also notes something that I might try to do a special post on that today. That is today is the anniversary of the Landfall of Hurricane Rita that happened weeks after Katrina. We often call it the forgotten hurricane. To many of us the results of Hurricane Rita showed signs of things that were more concerning than Katrina. South Louisiana readers will be glad to know that I have cornered every politician that is running for the state legislature at the Friday night football games up here. Besides telling them I am am horrified at the anti Catholic commercials that ran up here , I am trying to gauge what they are going to do about Coastal erosion. All recognize something needs to be done now.

A Number of Things has a link to a Homemade Toy Fair.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks our noted Catholic Home Schooler and author has several post up. Check out One Shining Moment and Monday

The Brown Pelican Society has a lot of posts up.
Here they are:
40 Days for Life: the Groundbreaking Pro-Life Campaign that Gets RESULTS!
Not a Single Christian in Birthplace of Christ
Biography Reveals Hillary Clinton Séance, Religious Devotion to Abortion
Family Day Drives FRC's Point Home
Values Voters, Conservatives Advised to be Patient in Lead-Up to Election Day 2008
U.S. BISHOPS: Catholics in Political Life
Abortion Clinics Often Go Without Inspection
Fr. Frank Pavone to Join Activists at Aurora Planned Parenthood
SAINT OF THE DAY: St. Elzear and Blessed Delphina (1286-1323) (1283-1358)

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