Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kathy Saile New Head of Domestic Policy FOR US Bishops Is NOT Pro-Choice- Just Keep Her Away From the Liturgy Department :)

There was a lot of commotion in the Catholic Blog sphere about the Kathy Saile who is the new head of Domestic Policy for the US Bishops over the past weekend. Basically what was at issue was allegations she spoke in front of a pro-choice group. VOX NOVA has the clarification here of what really happened.

I did some research Saturday on this and figured that there was a likely explanation for some of the "concerns" being voiced. I could not find anything in her history after a couple of hours of research that indicated she was not pro-life.

Now one can raise other issues. I think at times the Bishops do not think outside their regular economic and political box(what is sometimes called the Democrat Party at Prayer) when trying to bring the issues of Catholic Social Justice to the forefront. As I mentioned before, I think all devout Catholics want hunger, homelessness, poverty, etc etc to be eliminated or reduced. The question is what political approaches work to do it when we have to out of necessity go into the public square. However, I have no doubt that Mrs Saile is being honest here about her views on LIFE.

That being said in my research I did it is safe to say she is no "traditionalist" on the liturgy that is for sure. However that is far from the point if she thinks "latin" is great or not. That is not her job.

I expect that I will take issue with Mrs Saile on a number of issues as we Catholics try in good faith to bring forth the Catholic Gospel in all its facets into the World. However , unless there is evidence otherwise, Catholics(Bloggers I mean you) that wanted questions answered about her position should make her position known .


Denise said...

I was one of the bloggers who questioned the choice of Ms. Sailes for a leadership position in the USCCB. I have dutifully printed her recent response that states she is pro-life. I will endorse her whole heartedly when I see her actions match her words. I just can't dismiss her association with WIN as easily as you do. The WIN web site makes it clear that it is a politically liberal organization with abortion as its cornerstone. The description of the dinner party where Ms. Saile was a featured speaker makes no mention of her being the pro-life counterpoint. If it was truly just seven women having dinner in an apartment, then outside of the speakers, planers, and hosts, this event was for two additional women. It seems strange to highlight such an insignificant event on the organization's web site. I would love to hear the perceptions of this evening from someone else who attended this gathering.

James H said...

I understand your concern. However I think if she had Pro-Choice leanings we would have heard something else.

ALso if she was pro-abortion I would have to think that pro-choice groups would be proclaiming this fact since she is going to be going against them in the political arena.

Anonymous said...

It's not just a question of whether Ms. Saile is personally pro-abort. But, the political landscape is full of Catholics in public life who are "personally opposed but..." She appears to fall into this catagory. Her "pro-choice " voice consists of trying to persuade "progressives" that it is in their own best interest not to make abortion "rights" a litmus test for politicians. Nothing wrong with that, but it's hardly making a pro-life argument. It's a way to set the issue aside so it doesn't interfere with a progressive political agenda. The purpose of her talk as spelled out in the WIN website was to clear a space for religious leftists wihtin the pro-abortion community, not to make a pro-life argument. Religious leftists have every right to be politically active, of course, but why should someone with these priorities have a position of responsibility with the USCCB. Were they so enamored of her political progressivism that they looked no further?