Monday, September 24, 2007

The LSU Fake Field Goal YOUTUBE VID And the Story Behind It

Colt David is the Man. If you have seen the video here are stories behind it.
From the Picayune:

"The first half was winding down, LSU had the ball at the South Carolina 15 with a 14-7 lead, Matt Flynn was surveying the Gamecock defense and, all of a sudden, as Flynn was preparing to take his position as the holder for a Colt David field goal attempt, the Tiger quarterback began shouting, "Roxie, Roxie, Roxie."
Before you knew it, Flynn was taking the snap and pitching the ball back over his shoulder to his kicker.
"Talk about daylight," said David, flashing a wicked smile. "Soccer was never as easy as this."

For the soccer star turned kicker, Colt David's first-ever touchdown, a 15-yarder, was the pivotal play that sent the No. 2 LSU Tigers on to a 28-16 victory over the No. 12 Gamecocks and, for longtime LSU fans, it may have been the sweetest moment of the 2007 season."

From the LA Times:

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Louisiana State kicker Colt David has done a lot with his feet, but he had never run with the ball -- not even in high school or Pop Warner.Never, that is, until Saturday.Making the most of a trick play called "Roxy," David showed impressive speed in a 28-16 victory over South Carolina, taking an over-the-shoulder flip from holder Matt Flynn and gliding 15 yards across the goal line. The defenders didn't have a chance of catching him."A couple of the other specialists and I joke about, 'Man, I'm going to get laid out if we ever run that,' " said David, a crushable 5 feet 9 and 173 pounds. "But I was a little surprised. I thought I might have to beat one person or something, but it worked out beautiful."Much as the play pained him, South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier had to agree."It worked perfectly," he said. "Obviously when they work, they're a good call.

The best was From Guilbeau in the Gannett Papers:

The play the Tigers work on every day went off without a hitch and the SEC clash fell firmly in LSU's hands."I was worried about my footing," said David, who was alerted to the "Alert Roxy" warning as he headed onto the field.The defensive alignment have the Tigers licking their chops and Flynn put Roxy into motion.David took Flynn's precise toss and scampered — and don't dare say kickers can't scamper any longer — 15 yards along the rain-soaked natural surface into the end zone to give LSU a 21-7 lead with 1:10 left before halftime.LSU head coach Les Miles his newfound weapon, the 5-foot-7, 173-pound Grapevine, Texas, product "very fast."The touchdown was the first of any kind, at any level, in David's career. In fact, it was the first time David was part of a fake field goal."He's an old soccer guy and we wondered if he could catch balls," said Miles, who believes the Tigers created the play last year. "He certainly can."South Carolina gamely hung around with the mighty Tigers, but David's dagger sent the Gamecocks to the locker room scratching their heads."I think it broke their spirit. It should have," David said.South Carolina never threatened again."I was sitting over there wanting to go safe field goal defense because the guy just missed a 30-yarder (actually a 42-yarder)," Spurrier said. "I said, 'What are we doing here?' and somebody said, 'We're going after him.' I said, 'Well, OK.'"South Carolina's pursuit into the right side of LSU's protection left David with nothing but green, wet grass in front of him before the goal line.David said the play — even on Flynn's end — never misfires in practice.

However, the slick surface put some doubt into his mind due to the fact he, like most kickers, has shaved cleats."I didn't want to ruin it from the start," said David, who admitted to having butterflies when the play was called, but said the ensuing extra point was more nerve-wracking because of a racing heartbeat. "I saw the yellow (end zone) and said, 'Wow, I'm going to do this.'"The only regret for David? The lack of a fancy celebration. This is likely the only point where the fact he's a kicker hindered him."I wish I would have done something," David said. "It was my first one, so I really didn't know what to do."David's career rushing average stands at 15 yards per carry and he scores on 100 percent of the time he gets the ball into his hands. Does he expect his touches to increase?"It would be nice," David said.

Geaux Colt :)


William Eunice said...

That was a really cool play. I am a little amazed at all of the guys named Colt in college football this season. :) Hawaii has one. Texas has one. LSU has one.

James H said...

I know Colt is a pretty cool name lol. It does seem to be catching on with exceptional atheletes