Saturday, September 29, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup for Sept 29th

Our Lady Of Wisdom Church on Campus of the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

I have some very good memories of that Church. When I was in College I had some nice friendships with people that attended the Catholic Center there. I would often travel down from Louisiana Tech to visit friends there. The Sunday evening Mass there was a big part of the weekend. MY Friends and I from ULL would often travel to Nola for the weekend partying and get back in town for the 6pm Mass. Then it was off to Randalls for Cajun dancing. Good times. I was tired when I got back for Monday class at Tech to say the least. It has been years since I have been inside but i do remember it being very pretty inside. AHH College days. On to the blogs.
From The Recamier has a nice post up today. She has to nice pics and gives us the backgorund for the Saints of day for yesterday. That is Saint Wenceslaus St Lawrence Ruiz and companions, martyrs. Both are quite interesting. Also she gives us as usual a ton of great historic facts relating to the history of the day yesterday. She also takes note of the historic LSU/Tulane Game being played today. She tell us the the correct way to pronounce "Tulane" by the way.

Catholic Tube has a two great Catholic Vid ups. Here is Another video of the great ministry Adore that is a Nationwide ministry based in Houma Louisiana. Also he is keeping his pro life focus up with another very good pro-life vid.

Footprints on the Fridge has a post up calledMore about Daily Rhythms. Wow I am exhausted looking at that.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has a nice post with some links in celebration of her oldest sons birthday.

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan is letting us know he is in Florida visiting the folks. How nice especially if it is on the beach.

One of our other Priest bloggers Thy Nose to the Marble. has a new post under his Sept 28th Entry.

Full Circle has a nice post up. It is his thoughts and a link to a very good program that was on EWTN's Life On The Rock . Check it out.

The Brown Pelican Society has of course put up a ton of post. They are:

Connecticut Law Threatens Freedom of Catholic Health Care
SUNDAY'S HOMILY - Eternal Consequences
EDITORIAL: Vetoing Children’s Health Care?
Planned Parenthood's Stealth Facility in Aurora, Illinois Repeats History
The Burgeoning Modesty Movement
Who Is Like Unto God?
Massachusetts Abortion Victim's Mom Comes Forward
Distinguished Record?
The Push Is On: Planned Parenthood in California Gear Up To Persuade Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.......
Speaker Pelosi (A Catholic) Determines "Christianity Has Not Been Harmed" by S&M Last Supper Mockery
HPV Vaccine Now Associated with 7 Deaths, 3000+ Adverse Reports
Jesuit-Run Holy Cross College Hosts on-Campus Planned Parenthood Workshops, Awards Pro-Abortion Governor
SAINT OF THE DAY: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

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