Monday, September 24, 2007

Revisting the Pope's Big Speech on Politicians and Democracy

I blogged on this Friday I think. However it is worth revisiting again. Whispers in the Loggia has a post up Pope Welcomes Democrats. I find his post interesting because it not only revisits the Pope's statements about faith in the Public square , but also how the media again gets the Pope's comments wrong. He says in part:
Let the above be an example of the power of headlines, and the reactions they can cause.Speaking of which, today's headers were rather keen: "Pope warns against undermining democracy in fight against terrorism," Catholic News Service said, while the UK's Daily Telegraph hailed B16's "veiled attack on Muslim countries" and the Daily Mail blared on the pontiff's "'freedom' blast at Islam."

Well lets be clear. Those last two headlines are dishonest. HE has the full text at the link. Check it out again. In the background to me is the upcoming USA trip of the Pope that will be happening in a Election year. I hope the Pope is just as candid if not more when he comes here.

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