Friday, September 21, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup for Sept 21st

A note on the Picture above. That is St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Brusly Louisiana. When I was in Baton Rouge I used to go across the River to attend Church here. I just loved the Parish , the Priest, etc. It is a small little town. When you come out of the Church you see the massive levee that is of course holding back the Mississippi River.
Maudie in Mandeville is speaking her mind in this hard hitting post Maudie's 'Motu propio? Fat chance'

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a post up that is talking about some of the "Catholic" things he is going to be seeing in Europe. He talks about one of those today. The incredible Hagia Sophia

Looking at the Birds and Considering the Lilies has a nice post up today called The Great Physician

Do you want to go to an Extraordinary Form of the Mass"Latin" in Lake Charles. The Lake Charles Latin Mass Society has the details at Private Mass.

From The Recamier has her post up. It deals with those two Korean Saints of the day as well as ton of other great facts in history and literature , everyday past events.

Catholic Tube has a Vid up that is Fr. Michael Barrett speaking on the relationship of Opus Dei and the Church

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has a post up called A Matter of Concern. I touched on this yesterday here.

Full Circle has two post up today that people need to take a look at. Those are The latest in fashionable attacks on marriage and Preparing for marriage

Astonished Yet At Home(Keep his Dad In your Prayers) has a couple of post up. One is Catholic Evangelization by Outnumbering 'Em which is a link to the post by Full Circle I just mentioned. He also has a link to the latest article wrote by a Louisiana Blogger on Temporary Hiatus in LSU newspaper. Go to Censoring Religion in Prison to read that.

As usual The Brown Pelican Society has a ton of links touching on the faith, culture, pro-life issues, and politics. They are:
John Paul II "Profoundly Loved" His Life
SUNDAY HOMILY: “I Am Not Called to be Successful; I Am Called to be Faithful."
SPAIN: EXPRESS DIVORCE LEAVES MANY "LITTLE VICTIMS" OF FAMILY BREAKDOWN Homily of the Day: Have You Put Yourself Outside the Circle of Fools and Sinners?
President George Bush Proclaims September 24 Family Day 2007 - Says Families are the cornerstone of our Nation
Population Controllers Lose Again as President Bush Vetoes Forced Abortions
Judge Denies Planned Parenthood Request to Open Aurora Abortion Center(NOTE I HAVING A POST COMING UP ON THIS)
Mayor Reverses Opposition to Gay Marriage; Daughter Says She's Gay
Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In, Over 3500 Adverse Affects Reported
Pentagon Okays Sale of Certain Porn Magazines at Military Exchanges
TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - Faith Worth More Than Life

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