Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Catholic Church is Anti Science

Why Don't People Know who that Man on the Left is?

It is really amazing how people just repeat the same ole Cliches and falsehoods. I think that is because people are comfortable with them and hate to change. The Catholic Church often has the silly charge that it is anti Science lobbed at it. This charge is hurled by anti Catholics and the secular media all the time. It seems that if they say Galileo a million times that they think that proves the argument.

Of course this is false. I could do a post after post about Catholics and Science. Did you know for instance that the Science of Seismology was started by the Jesuits? Did you know that the Cathedrals of Europe and elsewhere in the World often functioned as Observatories to study the Heavens? Did you know that at The church of St. Ignatius in Rome was the site of the observatory that Angelo Secchi used to discover carbon stars." That in fact 35 craters on the moon, in fact, are named after Jesuit scientists and mathematicians. We also learn that the Jesuit Order:
had contributed to the development of pendulum clocks, pantographs, barometers, reflecting telescopes and microscopes, to scientific fields as various as magnetism, optics and electricity. They observed, in some cases before anyone else, the colored bands on Jupiter’s surface, the Andromeda nebula and Saturn’s rings. They theorized about the circulation of the blood (independently of Harvey), the theoretical possibility of flight, the way the moon effected the tides, and the wave-like nature of light. Star maps of the southern hemisphere, symbolic logic, flood-control measures on the Po and Adige rivers, introducing plus and minus signs into Italian mathematics — all were typical Jesuit achievements, and scientists as influential as Fermat, Huygens, Leibniz and Newton were not alone in counting Jesuits among their most prized correspondents [Jonathan Wright, The Jesuits, 2004, p. 189].

Jesuit were not the only ones either. If you get a chance one should really go out and buy How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization THOMAS E. WOODS, JR. Good read and his section on Science and the Catholic Church is stellar.

By the way we have not stopped either. The Vatican Observatory in Arizona is still doing great work.

Which leads us to the picture above of Father Georges Lemaître who just was somebody that proposed the Big Bang Theory. Some how I missed all this in school!!!!!! I am guessing they don't teach this in catholic schools either because I never hear Catholic school educated people talking about this.

One my of my Favorite sites Hallowed Ground has more interesting photos of the good Father that brought us the Big Bang here.

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