Friday, September 28, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update For Sept 28th

Catholic Tube has two great vids up. First he has this Gregorian Chanting Tube. Also check out 40 Days For Life - Day 3.

From The Recamier has her usual post up today here. She talks about the Saint of the Day from yesterday ,Saint Vincent de Paul, priest (died 1660,) and has a ton of info on other matters and fun facts.

Footprints on the Fridge has a nice post called The Path We're on..... I think this post would be interesting for all people that are thinking about Homeschooling

A Number of Things has a nice post Called Fall Fever. I don't know about thew Weather down in South Louisiana. But yesterday up here in North Louisiana was not fall like at all. Jeez it was hot and humid.

Full Circle has couple of good post up. Check out Vatican Rebuts Euthanasia Charge on John Paul II and Crazy health insurance system.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has a funny post up called Either Way Works

Thy Nose to the Marble. is one our Louisiana Catholic Priest bloggers. He has a new entry if only it were this simple these days... :) under his Sept 28th entry. It appears to be a link to a You Tube post. I am having trouble with it so look for that to be corrected if it is not on my end.

The Brown Pelican Society again has a lot of Pro-Life, Political, and Catholic news we need to know.
Who Is Like Unto God?
Living Out Gospel Poverty in an Age of Prosperity
The ‘Green Pope’?
ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS HAVE AGREED TO LET HOSPITAL PERSONNEL GIVE ABORTION PILL( I am going to be looking into this and see if there is something more to this)
Social Doctrine Compendium Has a Companion
An Old Cherokee is Teaching His Grandson About Life
Benedict XVI Calls Paul VI Prophetic
Homily of the Day: Don't Forget Who Walks with You
Kennedy, Smith Succeed in Tying 'Hate Crimes' Measure to Dept. of Defense Bill
Children's Health Bill Becomes Center of Veto Fight
There's No Doubting Thomas(Interesting Article on Justice Thomas)
Boycott of Miller Beer Launched Because of Sponsorship of Sadomasochistic, Anti-Christian Gay Parade
SAINT OF THE DAY: St. Wenceslaus (907?-929)

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