Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Does Pope Benedict Think of Capitalism?- A Great Overview

Like all things "Catholic" the secular press gets Pope's Benedict's views on economics and capitalism wrong. However in this case so do many Catholics.

The fact that even Catholics get this wrong is not surprising. I read a great article a few months back about how Americans(and I think this could be applied to more than us) have such systematic errors as to their understanding of economics that they often vote against their interest in the voting booth(this is on all sides of the political spectrum). Economics touches very closely on the political realm and thus people that have agendas that are threatened or agendas they wish to advance are very vocal in giving their interpretation of what the Pope is saying.
We know that economics and yes the free market will be a topic that Pope Benedict will engage on during his pontificate.

Tip of the Hat to Vox Nova who led me to a great post called Pope Benedict's Critique of Capitalism .I think the article is not only fair , but is very readable. I encourage all to read it. If I have time in the next few days I might comment it and explore it further.

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