Sunday, September 30, 2007

Links and Thoughts on Yesterday's LSU/Tulane Game

We shall be getting back into a more non football posting regime a little today. However this is one of three post I shall be posting on this incredible weekend in College football.

I was going to post all the links to coverage on the game. However this very interesting blog Jackson Jambalaya (A jambalaya of commentary, politics, culture, and jackassery in the Jackson, Mississippi area.) has done so here. Lot of good liks and vids there. I was hitting google news every ten minutes last night and he got most of what I saw coming over the wires. Check it out.

First half(except for LSU last drive) pretty disappointing. However football is a game of four quarters and the second half was much better.

Most inspiring moment was the pregame speech by the coach of Tulane. He asked all the player if they got a offer from LSU. NO one raised their hand. The Tulane players came out to show something and they did.

LSU people were in typical "the sky is falling" mode after the game. That was pretty silly. The events of the day pretty much put most peoples minds at ease. Two things LSU fans. First don't make a quarterback controversy where none exists. It is a distraction. Second if I hear one more time Keiland William should get more carries I think I will scream. Be patient and trust the coaches.

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