Thursday, September 20, 2007

College Football Tonight

I almost forgot about the weekly Thursday night College Game. I will have my predictions and analysis up tomorrow on the upcoming weekend of ball.

I have not looked at this game closely. I find Texas A @ M very very suspect. However I am not getting on the betting bandwagon for Miami to win. I am thinking this is a Texas A@ M victory. I love Coach Shannon for Miami. But I don't think the U is back.

I am settling in. Kickoff in seconds.

Mark me down for Texas AM for the win

I have not followed or watched Miami or TAMU play at all. Iwas aware that Texas A and M had a ton of trouble with Fresno st. But boy are they sloppy AND BAD.

Miami winning 21 to 0 at the half. Oh well I don't fee too bad on a prediction that I just spent 90 seconds thinking about. Miami is playing better than I thought but their weakness is areas is showing on the field

Update II- AMAZING. I typed the update and there is like 30 seconds left in the half . Miami kicksoff the ball to Texas A and M and they FUMBLE!!!! Incredible. Now Miami gets a Field goal lol.
Miami 24- Overated school from Texas 0

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