Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have Major Concerns With the Connecticut Catholic Conference and THe Plan B "Morning After Pill"

I have been posting links the last few days about the actions of the Bishops of Connecticut USA and the morning after pill. This has come about because of a horrible law that was passed and Catholic Bishops trying to have their Hosptial comply with it if they can. It is a touchy issue.

I very much recommend that you read this post at Vox Nova called What American Papist isn’t telling you about Plan B. Read both that post and the American Papaist entry that is linked. However take time to read the comments on the Vox Nova entry. American Papist enters the fray in the comment section and I think there is some mutual meeting of the minds. I am siding with American Papist here. I think the Vatican needs to step in quick here. I am not comfortable at this point with the Catholic Bishops stance here.

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Anonymous said...

get a life- catholics suck they alienate all the people that practice catholicism. I can't believe so many people are brainwashed by your bs