Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An American Cardinal Gets A Powerful Job and Meet the First Lady of the Curia

Whispers in the Loggia again has some very interesting posts up. He is of of course the blogger that even the Vatican folks read.

First here is a very important post he has called Crowning Glory. Cardinal Justin Rigali has the most coveted of Curial appointments that isa seat among the kingmakers of the Congregation for Bishops. In other words he will be a major player in picking New Bishiops. All I got to say to Cardianl Rigali is don't forget us poor people in the Diocese of Shreveport. I think it is a interesting read and gives some background on a VERY important congreagtion that effects us all.

He also has a very interesting post called The Curia's "First Lady" . Women in the Vatican Power structure, quoting the as the old Jefferson TV show theme song , are "Moving on Up". Reality smashes Myth again!!! It turns out that all those old men really do think women should be put in areas of massive responsibilty. Of course no one will notice in the secular media.

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