Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Could the GOP Be Heading Toward A Brokered Convention?

Well that is a exciting thought.

I am pretty much a political nerd. When I was kid my grandparents had one of those big ole satellite dishes. Back then none of the channels . For a boy that at that time had no Cable even it was Nirvana. I spent most of my time watching C-Span and News Channels during the day and sneaking into the living room to watch dirty movies at night.

I have always been fascinated by brokered conventions in our nations history. They just look so darn exciting. Which leads us to the GOP. John Judis has a piece up at the New Republic called The GOP's Political Nightmare Delegate Responsibility.

Let me say upfront I disagree with two parts of his piece. First the title itself. Brokered Conventions have not always led to defeat in the fall. The fact is that if it is brokered it will be the most exciting political news event in decades. People will be tuning in. People will be talking Republican ideas. I suspect more people will be engaging the GOP than the Democrat Clinton Coronation snooze fest.

I also think that Huckabee will get a lot more votes than that(By the way expect a Huckabee update soon). I am not assuming that a whole much of voters will find Fred Thompson the best thing since the invention of sweet tea.

Other people who are salivating about this scenario are people that run blogs like Campaign2008VictoryA that is really promoting the Alaskan Governor for President. BY THE WAY I HAVE MY EYE ON HER TOO. That blogger might be on the Rudy bandwagon now but people that have their eyes and agenda on the number 2 spot will become a lot more fluid in a brokered convention. The VP spot will become very important. More new faces and more ideas is exciting to voters.

Of course for a brokered convention to be taken advantage of , the person coming out of it must unite the party. I think several top runners including Huckabee are good people to do that.

Stay tuned.

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