Wednesday, September 26, 2007

12 Signs That Kentucky Football Is Here to Stay.

I am really enjoying the Kentucky football story. Kentucky has been undefeated since they played LSU last year. What many players will say was that massive loss to LSU was a turning point for them. It was a crossroads and unlike many teams that falter, Kentucky took the road to excellence

LSU fans, with good reason, are really starting to get worried about the Kentucky Game. It is becoming the most dangerous game on the road for LSU and it is causing some buzz. Also what about "Karma". It would seem that after the "Bluegrass Miracle" that we pulled on them years ago that the Universe demands some satification for Kentucky against LSU. It is worriesome.

Anyway Clay Travis, who writes great funny Columns for CBS Sports, has one on Kentucky. Read the whole thing here. He has a top 12 in that piece is just hilarious. I think many SEC fans will agree that number 2 is pretty darn funny. We have all been there.

Here are 12 signs football success has gone to Wildcat fans' heads.
1. Popular T-shirt on campus: Fear the Apostrophe.

2. Ashley Judd is coming to a football game but she's announced she's not willing to attend a Lincoln Financial morning telecast because, "We're so over being LF's bitch."
3. Campus newspapers are already running ads imploring fans not to storm the field after the 'Cats upset Florida because, "We've got to act like we've been there before."

4. 'Cats fans have already made reservations for both the SEC Championship in Catlanta and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. (The 'Cats have been to neither of these games in the lifetime of any readers.)

5. Last week, coach Rich Brooks went out to dinner and someone recognized him.
6. Tim Couch is hitting the Lexington tanning beds again so he looks good when the cameras find him in the stands.

7. 'Cats fans have forgotten how much they hate Rajon Rondo.
8. When people wear football jerseys out to eat at Joe Bologna's, they aren't guaranteed to be Lexington visitors.

9. 'Cats fans are starting to believe UK football players really do use Nutter Fieldhouse to train instead of the previous theory that it was actually a barn in a field where frat boys took tri-delts after formals.

10. Old cheer? C-A-T-S. New cheer? C-A-T-S-'

11. Ramel "Smooth" Bradley threw a rap concert and no one came because they forgot he existed.

12. My friend Weatherholt has already run the SEC East tie-breaking criteria based on approximately 48 permutations. He's also e-mailed them to me.
Here they are for your perusal.

Oh he also rips into Coach O at Ole Miss in his column. That is always fun too.


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