Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Preacher to the Pope Takes A look At Christopher Hitchen's Book on Silly People That Believe in God

I am actually quite a fan of Christopher Hitchens. That is not just because we are on the same page about Iraq. I do like his writing style and how blunt he is at times.

The Preacher tp the Pope, Father Cantalamessa, has a review of the Hitchen's book How Religion poisons everything.

Since I love anything Church Fathers I really liked this part:
Tertullian becomes a “church father” so that his credo quia absurdum - “I believe because it is absurd” – can be interpreted as the thought of Christianity as a whole, whereas it is well known that when he wrote these words (here interpreted outside of their proper context and in an inexact way) the Church considered Tertullian a heretic. Strange that the author should criticise Tertullian, because if there is one apologist he resembles, like a reversed reflection in a mirror, it is precisely the African: the same energetic style, the same will to triumph over his adversary by burying him under a mass of apparently – but only apparently - insuperable arguments: quantity replacing quality of argument.

How true.

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