Thursday, September 27, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Update for Sept 27th

I have a business meeting this afternoon so let me fly through what our great Louisiana Catholic bloggers are saying.

Catholic Tube has a great vid up on a great Catholic Ministry called Adore. It is nationwide but based out of Louisiana

From The Recamier has her always great update up. She mixes Catholicism with history of the day. She has a great part on Daniel Boone that died on yesterdays date.

Catholic Underground based out of Louisiana has their latest podcast up. You can listen to it via your home computer. It is quickly becoming a nationwide hit. This episode is called Episode 52: Hello Sinfire. Their description is :"In this episode we talk about adulterous alibis and whether or not sin really matters, we discuss our Picks of the Week, and we open the door up to discussing the future of catholic vidcasting. Also, we answer our first manual backchat!" I am looking forward to listening to it tonight.

Looking at the Birds and Considering the Lilies has a very nice short post called Presbyopia. It is about Sacred tradition and scripture. He also gives some insight on the Saints of the Days we honored yesterday. That is St. Cosmas and Damian. They are important Patrons for a particular profession that really needs our prayers. The moral choices those people fact increase daily.

I can't believe I missed Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks contest she ran yesterday. For how that went down go to Let's Have a Book-Walk and We Have a Winner!!!. Also check out her post The Gift of One Day

The Brown Pelican Society has a ton of post up. Let me say I am having to rush but there appears to be a lot of stories here that responsible Catholics NEED to be really aware of. When I get home tonight I shall be looking at them more closely. They are:
Explaining Liberal Thinking In A Single Column
The Teenage Casualties of Casual Sex
THE ENEMY WITHIN: Who is Ahmadinejad Addressing? Columbia Students or the World?
WEDNESDAY'S AUDIENCE - Pontiff: Primacy of People Comes First
Time Magazine is Irresponsible for Printing Pope John Paul II Euthanasia Article
Homily of the Day: Let God Show You How to Live It
Senator Thompson Confirmed for FRC'S Washington Briefing: Values Voter Summit
General Peter Pace Restates Opposition to Homosexual Acts
Aurora Abortion Center May Have Failed to Get Special Use Permit
Senate Set to Vote on Hate-Crimes Amendment
CNN’s Message To the Nation: Fear Religion
European Court Upholds Decision to Penalize Poland for Pro-Life Law
SHOCKER: Catholic Georgetown U. Will Now Fund Law Students to Lobby for Abortion
SAINT OF THE DAY: St. Vincent de Paul (1580?-1660)

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