Friday, September 21, 2007

Statement On the Summorum Pontificum By the Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria Louisiana

I have fallen down on the job of reviewing and posting about what is in the Catholic Louisiana papers this month. I suspect I will highlight one today. This statement by the Bishop of Alexandria on the XFORM("Latin Mass") might have been this in the the Diocese of Alexandria Newspaper. Father Z has the statement and his commentary.

Update- I was not pleased with the tone of the comments there. I agree I wish the Bishop had phrased things in a different manner. I also think Father Z makes a good case that the Bishop might be wrong on a few issues. However I did write this in response to some comments:
People don't rush to judgement of Bishop of Alexandria. He is a pretty good Bishop and I expect what happens there will be a pleasant surprise.
As for Steubenville South. For those that don't know the area it is a hotbed of Pentecostalism. Bishop Jacobs was sure to allow opportunities for the Charismatic movement in the Diocese. I might add that the Diocese of Alexandria is a success story and you can see that in vocations.
People that are viewed as "traditionalist" have too often been lampooned as the crazy aunt in the attic. I find it sad that people that experience that are implying there is something not quite Catholic about "Steubenville South" or " Steubenville on the Bayou" that is done in the Diocese of Houma. You will find that many of those same people especially in this Diocese might be some your biggest allies in making sure the extraordinary form of the Mass is available

Perhaps I am wrong on this but I get the sense the Bishop will not be a huge roadblock. Time will tell.

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