Sunday, September 30, 2007

THe LA Times Has an interesting(but strange) Article On Joe McKnight Of USC

Joe McKnight as College Football fans know was the number 1 High School prospect for college football last year. He was a product of the acclaimed John Curtis school in the New Orleans area. LSU and USC both wanted him very badly. Much to my dismay USC won. However I like Joe McKnight and wished him the best of luck. He will succeed at USC given time. He is pretty good.

However the LA Times ran a very bizarre article this morning called Can McKnight take the game by storm? I think it puts Joe Mcknight in a very good light. However get this part:

Three games in and he has touched the ball only 17 times, almost all of them in mop-up duty. He has shown flashes of brilliance, moments when he has cut across the field like a blade through butter. But he also has fumbled, crumbled and looked confused."Joe," I told him, after practice this week, "maybe you shouldn't have come to Southern Cal. Convince me I'm wrong."

Now I am wondering what Coach Carroll of USC reaction to this will be. I would think that if Louisiana based sports journalist Glen Guilbeau went up to a LSU player that was a Freshman and said "Maybe you shouldn't have come to LSU" and on top of that printed it in the paper, Les Miles would go through the roof. I think a lot of Coaches would have.

Now one can maybe argue that the writer of this piece wants Joe to succeed. Who knows really what his motivation is. Still very improper I think.

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