Monday, September 24, 2007

Catholicism and This "Presbyterian" Federal Theology

I was sort of focused on Football this weekend and just catching up on my blog reading. The Canterbury Tales blog since I last checked it has been multiplying great posts like a little bunny in love. He has a very interesting background as a convert. Besides being a former Anglican priest he was also from the "reformed" tradition.

In the Presbyterian Church there is a little movement called Federal Theology. His past post on this have been great. They are:
The Catholic Prespective on the Federal Vision-
Another PCA convert to Catholicism Discusses the Federal Vision Debate-
Federal Vision Loses, Zwinglians Win: PCA-GA 2007-

HE is one of the few Catholic bloggers that follow this debate. HE has a new post up to add to his prior three on this subject. It is called Covenant or Federal Theology according to Cocceius, Amyraut, and the Catholic Church. A good read.

If you not interested in this interesting and very Catholic sounding at times theology in the Church of Calvin. Check out some of his other post he ahd done the last few days. Here are my favorites
Episcopal Bishop Jeffrey Steenson is Going to Rome

Adultery, Idolatry, and Dust Rituals

St John Chrysostom on the Evils of Contraception

Calvin on Justification and Union with Christ

Anglican Missal Online and Downloadable!

Peter Leithart, Irenaeus, and Bishops

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