Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Katie Couric of CBS News Gives her Views of Iraq

Good Grief. Thanks to the Godmother of the American Catholic Blogsphere , the Anchoress, for bringing this story. My cable provider does not have C-Span(I live in the sticks) and so I often miss out on what tidbits you can pick up at the National Press Club Meetings and Luncheons.

It appears Katie, the Voice of the News for millions of Americans, gave us her thoughts on Iraq. The Anchoress not only bring us the story but also takes us down a trip down memory lane. I hate to say it but I suspect Katie Couric will not be reading it. Go to her post Couric and Kline on Iraq. A great post and I am putting this as one of the best political must read posts of the day.

The Anchoress asked "Are people’s memories really that short?" I hate to say it butthey are. I have ceased to be shocked even in the age of the internet and access to information how we Americans have a attention span of 5 minutes.

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