Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pope to Catholic Theologians - Don't Be Arrogant

I saw this a couple of days ago and was planning to post about it on my blog. However Whispers in the Loggia has done so already here(Why reinvent the wheel). He also has a link to the full talk that Pope Benedict gave on this issue. Here is an excerpt that Loggia has posted:

Pope Benedict has warned Roman Catholic theologians against becoming arrogant and forgetting God in a broadside following reports that the Vatican is probing the writings of a priest in the United States.In a sermon at a private mass on Sunday, Benedict said theologians could know everything about the history of the Scriptures and how to explain them, but know nothing about God....Benedict said at a mass with some of his former doctoral students that theologians sometimes "only talk in the end about ourselves (and) don't go beyond ourselves and beyond people."So it sometimes happened "that God cannot come to us and speak to us through all our knowledge of human things that we don't hear him and don't know him," he said according to an audio report posted on the Vatican Radio website in German.The Vatican Radio report on the speech was entitled: "Pope warns against theological arrogance."
I might talk more on this later but be sure to check out his post.

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