Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perhaps The Media Needs To Talk To the U.S. Envoy To the Vatican (Religious Freedom Versus Freedom of Worship)

I have noted this slightly disturbing change in language from the State Department and the Obama administration for months. Now it appears the Washington Post is fleshing out the possible underpinnings of it. Get Religion has a good post on this at Got news? Religious freedom edition.

I suspect the Vatican Sec of State is noticing it too. It would seem that the media would be interested in hearing the thoughts of our Envoy to the Vatican on this matter. Has their been a policy shift. It would seem because of his unique position he might have some insight.


Realist said...

There is no substance to this story whatsoever. I've never read the phrase "it seems that" so many times in any news item.
Thomas Farr says "it appears that the Obama administration has decided...."
Nothing but conjecture, opinion, and innuendo!

James H said...

I think there is more to it. The change of language by Admins figures from Freedom of religion to Freedom of worship I think is signifcant. Plus it is hard not to deny that his pick for this post seems to be a substantial downgrade in the priority of Religious freedom. I am very nervous

It does seem the adminstrations tone and tenue as to China and other palces on this issue has changed from the last tow adminstrations

Realist said...

Well I am pleased for anyone to express his or her opinions. I do so myself constantly. But this "Mollie" and the "Thomas Farr" that she quotes are expressing the opinions of Suzan Johnson Cook, and the opinions of unnamed individuals that are referred to in vague blanket terms as "the Obama administration". As far as I can tell they are just making up these opinions that they are attributing to other individuals.
I went to the dictionary to try to figure out why you would be concerned about the difference between the term "Religious Freedom" and the term "Freedom of Worship". Religion is defined as belief in a Diety, and Worship is defined as adoration or homage performed toward a Diety. I think "Freedom of Worship" is the proper term. It is not possible for the government to interfer with my belief in God. What I must insist upon is that the government does not interfer with my worship of God.