Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catholic Talk About the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez Opinion

First Thoughts has a good post that has a link to Arkes Piece (plus links to other Christian reaction) at More on CLS v. Martinez

Over at Mirrors of Justice Catholic Lawyers for the most part have misgivings. See
The Court gets it wrong on "discrimination", diversity, and speech
Christian Legal Society v. Martinez
Feeding the Perception That the Government Stands in Opposition to People of Faith
The CLS and other student organizations at Hastings
The significance of the CLS case
The Insignificance of the Christian Legal Society Case

I talked about one aspect of it here at Does Justice Kennedy Consider the Creed At Mass A Loyalty Oath (Christian Legal Society V Martinez)

I understand the Opinion itself is "narrow" and perhaps not a lot of new law was made. However I am very much more concerned about some of the dicta the Justices used to get there.

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