Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Louisiana Catholic Campus Ministry Critical To Young Seminary Student

St Landry's Catholic Blog has a short post here by a guy that has just finished his first year of Seminary for the Diocese of Lafayette. See Bio of our Seminarian this summer, Alex Albert .

Now there might be some confusion because he talks about attending "UL" and of course long time readers of this blog know there IS NO SUCH PLACE. However Our Lady of Wisdom is located at ULL (University of Louisiana Lafayette) and not ULM (University of Louisiana Monroe) so we can deduce he is a Rajin Cajun. :)

Still a nice piece and shows the importance of Campus Ministry on College campuses. I really think the Louisiana Bishops should try to come together and Foster this ministry. Some State wide Parish second collection. Efforts of have various Student leaders of this Catholic Student Centers to go around the State and talk to High School students and their parents their Senior year. Etc

Regardless it is key. How many Vocations (Lay or Religious) have we lost because we have not funded as we should and not put the best dynamic people in these postions?

It is nice to see Wisdom doing something right.

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