Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NRA Calls Off Dogs In Kagan Supreme Court Nomination Fight

Dissenting Justice has the link at Conservative Bloggers Claim NRA Issues Gag Order on Kagan

Needless to say this adds to some tension if true in the conservative community. However it does make sense.

I think conservative and republican activists forget that the NRA's main purpose is the protection of gun rights. We are often allied but that is their main focus.

The NRA works with both Democrats and Republicans on the gun issue. In fact partly because of this I think we have seen a sea shift in opinion. Now I think there should be questions asked. However politically it might seem wise not to be seen as just blasting a Democrat President's nominee that is very likely to be nominated.

In other words the political thought of the NRA might be that this form of reaching out might give benefits in the future as the struggle for gun rights are going to be hot as the news cases are applied at the local level. We have no idea who the NRA is talking too but it might not be beyond the realm of possibility that they have discussion with Obama's folks about possible future nominees to the lower court. This is of course where the battle will be fought over the next decade.

So who knows. People can disagree but I can see why the NRA is doing this.

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Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Good additional points. I can see why they are doing it too.