Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Cheers For Progressive Catholic Schools- The Best Buy For Atheists and Wicca Folks!!

I saw this link at Pewsitter. It is like reading the ONION but sadly true. See Daily Show's Samantha Bee: Mocking Catholics 'Joyful for Me, Pure Pleasure for Me via newsbusters.

This part caught my eye:
GROSS: Now you write in your memoir that your Catholic school was considered a progressive Catholic school. What did that mean?

Ms. BEE: It was a progressive Catholic school. We did not, you know, we had Seder meals and those, those adorable traditions from other religions and we just learned about other religions and other cultures and that was just an important part of our -- when we took, we had to take a religion course, of course. But it wasn't just our religion. It was quite inclusive and we didn't have to do -- we didn't wear uniforms and we had to go to church occasionally but it wasn't a huge part of our curriculum. And we didn't have big gory Jesuses everywhere. They were monochromatic so you couldn't see the blood dripping from the wounds of Jesus. (Laughter)
But, you know, my Catholic church was fairly modern. It was on the modern side. I mean listen, it's not that modern but as Catholic churches go, it was kind of on the more modern edge.

GROSS: You say that the Jesuses that were pictured in your school looked more like Kris Kristofferson, circa "A Star is Born." (Laughter)

BEE: Well, sure. Very sensual.

GROSS: And that you had a crush on Jesus.

BEE: I don't know, you know, I've spoken to a lot of lapsed Catholics since I wrote the book and we all had a crush on Jesus. I mean, he was really designed that way for young girls to find him sexy and attractive. I mean, did you ever see the miniseries? You know the miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth." I mean, that guy was...

It truly gets more bizarre. Read it all.

Now as you read she calls herself a Lapse Catholic but this is sort of strange since her Dad was a atheist and her mom a Wicca.

Now to be fair I suspect her parents were total whackjobs so the Church cannot be blamed totally here. Still it seems the above "modern" Catholic school did not help matters.


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I have to wonder if she was really baptized Catholic or if she was just sent to a Catholic school because the public schools were so bad. That doesn't make her a lapsed Catholic but a wannabe lapsed Catholic. I can't tell you how often I read people on the internet who claim to be "lapsed Catholics" or "recovering Catholics"...it's the cool thing to say among the liberal elitists these days.

I'd also like to inform Ms.Bee that just because her school had Sedar meals and studied other religions, does not make them "progressive". I taught at a very conservative Catholic school and we did the same thing..even brought the kids on a field trip to the local Jewish Synagogue and let them speak to the Rabbi and learn about the Torah. They learned the origins of our Christian Catholic faith. We also brought them to the Methodist Church and they spoke to the Minister there and learned the difference between their service and our Mass. It was a way to show them the differences we have, in a respectful manner. That's not progressive...it's just good Catholic education. Ms. Bee is just twisting everything in order to be the "cool" progressive comedian that she thinks she is. To those of us who are true baptized Catholics, she just comes off idiotic.

James H said...

Your back!!! Glad tp see you again!!