Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Was Cardinal George Misquoted On Remarks Against The Catholic Health Association (The Plot Thickens)

Over at Vox Nova there is a post dealing with developments of a pretty hard hitting story last week in Catholic land. See Cardinal George Misquoted.

Father Z takes up in a extensive post over at CNA and USCCB’s Sec. for Communications square off. Who speaks for the Catholic Church in the USA? As Father Z notes we need some clarifications here. However I do think it is significant that the well regarded Catholic Church reporter seems to back up at least the spirit of the remarks. It will be interesting if Allen chimes in on this again. If so I will try to remember to update.

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Henry Karlson said...

Allen's discussion with Cardinal George is separate from the meeting, and their tone is different from what was being reported by CNA.

I expect someone "leaked" information to a reporter, but the reporter misconstrued the leak.