Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belgium Raids On the Catholic Church Producing Outrage In Many Corners

I expect we shall hear a lot more about this here in the USA this week.

Whispers has a good overview here at

In Belgium, the Church Raided

"Surpising and Deplorable": B16 Slams Belgian Raids

Also on this page there are another of European Articles that have been translated.


Realist said...

When I read on AOL that the Pope has called this law enforcement effort "deplorable" and is angry that the Belgium authorities are finally trying to protect children from pedophiles, my reaction is that his anger is very much misdirected. Any decent person would be angry at the pedophiles who molested children and those who have been covering it up instead of being angry at the police who are finally trying to stop it.
Now I freely admit to anti-Roman Catholic bias. To me, Ratzinger is nothing but a man who claims to be Pope. He is a particularly evil man because he allows other humans to bow down and kiss his ring, and whatever other worship they perform toward him, when he knows that he is no "Holy Father". The devout lay members of the Roman Catholic Church are good decent people who are deceived and held in religious bondage by the Priests, Bishops, Archbishops and such, and they don't know any better. But Ratzinger knows that he is just a man. When he expresses his solidarity with the child molestors and the Bishops who are covering for them like he did today, he is showing the rest of the world how evil he is. Somebody should be expressing solidarity with the children that they have harmed.

James H said...

Pope Benedict is expressing dismay of how this was conducted. And I have to admit looking at if the details we know now from a view of American sensisbilites it seems over the top.

Also there are a number of victims that are a tad dismayed because they wished some of this to be confidential.

We shall know more in the next few days but this does not have the appearance of very well managed investigation