Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lawyers Through Their Typos Show Their Desire to Be Free!!!

In a very interesting case the Supreme Court decided , that I might or might not blog about later, Law Prof Althouse gives me a laugh.

At 7 new Supreme Court cases — including a win for Jeffrey Skilling.

.....SCOTUSblog falls prey to the statue-for-statute typo. I picture a ghostly statuesque demon that swipes at the hands of anyone trying to write statute. We all know how to write statute, and lawyers and lawprofs have far more occasions to type the word statute, but something drags us to statue. Perhaps it isn't anything supernatural, but a desire to escape from the legal structure we've imposed on our lives and to experience the freedom and beauty of art. No, no, not another statute! I would prefer a statue!

But of the subject of imposed confining structures: Will Jeffrey Skilling, the Fiend of that Terrible Corporation Known as ENRON, break free of the iron grip of federal prison? From the opinion (linked above):...........

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