Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White Supreme Court Justices Afraid of Honest Black History? (Justice Thomas Is Justice X)

This is a pretty good piece here on the Thomas Opinion in the recent gun rights case. See In Clarence Thomas's gun rights opinion, race plays a major role

Sadly the piece sort of ends on a sour note with this:
What Thomas has created, however, is a legal defense of the Second Amendment so thoroughly original and starkly race-based that none of the white justices would even acknowledge it, as if it were some blank sheet crafted by an invisible man.
That ought to be a clue enough for black people that this document is at least worth a look. You may not agree with his conclusion, but there'll be no mistake about where he's coming from

Uhh no that is not why they did not "acknowledge it" or deal with it. They did not interact with it because they don't know how exactly they can overturn the Slaughterhouse case of the 1800's and take a quite new radical step in shifting things from the Due Process clause to the P and I clause. However the fact they did not attack it shows in my view:
They know he is right
They might be going in his direction sometimes in the future.

Still a good piece despite that last paragraph.

My the way though the media will not let on to this this is not the first time that Justice Thomas has brought the black American experience to the forefront in his opinions. For that see Meet Supreme Court Justice Clarence X - Clarence Thomas The Black Nationalist!!!

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