Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Christian Love For the Pedophile

Wel I am not sure how popular this will be to the readers of OSV but it does need to be said. See Untouchables

I think the story touches me because I have been around people that have abused children and it appears they were abused themselves. Many of today's victims quickly become those that are notworthy of any compassion tomorrow it seems. In many ways some get the world's most dreaded STD.

I don't know why this is and it does seem mighty unfair. This is a dark ,mysterious and evil world that we don't have a clue how it operates.

I am not a Catholic Charismatic but there is a Priest I follow on twitter that talks about generational curses and generational healing. See a little on that here. Now I am not sure what I think about all that but he is Priest in good standing here in the US of A.

Now I am not saying that Pedophiles can be "cured" by some charismatic service. Needless to say I think we have learned the hard way that prayer is not the magic cure all here and misguided Christian love wrongly applied seems to have caused a great many evils.. Still I do wonder if it would be helpful.

Regardless a good message from OSV and good for us to recall when enter into conversations on this topic and our justifiable anger and rage morphs into something else.


Realist said...

Compassion for pedophiles is a very challenging concept for me, as you know from previous comments that I have posted. Until I read this, I had never considered that there may be people of a pedophile nature who do not in fact molest children. Well people lie, and I am not sure that I believe the story. I have never known anyone who was sexually abused before the age of 14, nor have I ever known anyone who admitted to sexual attraction to a pre-pubescent child. When I first heard about these crimes, I thought the perpetrators were molesting children for lack of appropriate sex partners. I have heard of teenage boys using animals, but not because they were actually attracted to animals.
It is imperative that children be protected, regardless of any compassion for the sexually maladjusted. And even if the cause of pedophilia is that they were molested themselves when young, the protection of children is essential.
I don't know about this exorcism, or generational teaching. It is counter-productive to try to live in a fantasy world, and I have always advocated accepting reality and dealing with it. I am at odds with other conservative Baptists because I am tolerant of homosexuals who come out and live open honest lives with one partner. But I see no such solution for a pedophile. May the Lord grant wisdom that a practical workable way be found to keep children safe from these individuals.

James H said...

It is indeed tough. I don't know what we can do with them. I think it is apparent they cannot be "cured" and just taught not how try not to re offend. I guess there is different levels of this and I guess I am talking about true pedophiles and not those that abuse teenagers that I think are two different categories