Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who the Hell Is Froma Harrop - Make Louisiana A U.S. Protectorate?

The most stupid column I have read on Louisiana that is a result of just blissful ignorance. This appeared to have not only ran Nationwide but in the Baton Rouge Advocate this morning.

This column is the result of a person who no doubts only possible experience of Louisiana or knowledge is drinking the Hurricanes at Pat O Brien's and drinking the Mimosas the morning after to cure the hangover.

The comments hit the main points that are left mostly by Louisiana folks. She attempts to craw fish a little here. See those comments.

Good grief. I love her comments on South Louisiana being under sea level and if it was for the federal govt no one would be live there.

In tradition of A Few Good Men : YOU NEED US ON THAT COAST.

Who does she think produces that seafood that gets on her plate. WHO does she think is part of the massive industry that gets all that natural gas and oil to her. Who does she think maintains and operates all these ports and maintains the USA's most important highways that being the Mississippi River and the Intra coastal canal. They are not robots. No they are real human beings that do things that very much help your standard of living.

How dare these people have families and children that require such things as schools , and stores, and hospitals and houses!! Can't they just hunker down in a nice bass boat at night and hope they don't get snake bit. We are a working COAST!!


Jim said...

Her bio on Wikipedia says that she has appeared on Lou Dobbs and The Ed Show. The Ed Show, really? That explains a lot.

James H said...

God I dont even know what the ed show is

Jim said...

Then you are blessed. Don't ever try to watch it, I did once.

James H said...