Monday, June 21, 2010

Episcopalians Getting All Upset Over the Pseudo Papist At Canterbury

Or as MCJ says :

It always gets back around to that, doesn’t it? The Episcopal Organization!! Where every day is Guy Fawkes Day!!


Now I am sadly not amazed that they are getting away with this argument relating to some fearful Pope Lite in Canterbury. I think the media and the public don't realize there is really not a Pope Lite at Canterbury and in fact that is not what is going on here.

The Archbishop of Canterbury does have a role but it is largely as being the symbolic head of the Communion.

What they don't tell you is he is speaking up for the tens of millions of Anglicans that are not thrilled about recent developments. Those people are mostly darker in skin tone. Which much drive the mostly white liberal faction crazy!! We send them money can they just SHUT UP!!

Episcopals when you talk to them often try to make the Eastern Orthodox connection. In fact there are sort of fables of how the ancient British Church was actually established d by the Orthodox. In the 1800's in fact there was a serious look if the C of E could enter into Communion with the Russian Orthodox.

However in style of governance the Anglican Communion is similar to Orthodoxy in some ways. That is there is a lot of national Orthodox Churches that are in Communion with each other just like a lot of National Anglican Churches in Communion with each other..

The Orthodox have their disagreements but they pretty much don't change or "develop" doctrines with all being on the same page. LORD they are still upset at us Romans over the wording of the Creed. That happened over a thousand years ago.

So if you are going to be Orthodox light then you got to be that way. Which does not mean the National Church can do whatever the hell it wants without thinking of the larger communion and getting some agreement.

This has nothing to do with Rowan trying to set himself as an Anglican Pope. Really quite the opposite.
So I guess it comes down to this Do you want to be Episcopal or Anglican? I actually think the Episcopal will win out here in the USA for what is worth. I am not sure an Anglican mentality has been cultivated in the USA over the last few decades.

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