Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questionable Gay Magazine Ethics Regarding "outing" A Lutheran Pastor

I saw this on twitter.

Uhh disturbing!!! Go to the link at the link where a gay journalist inflitrates a Catholic group that helps men and women deal with varying degrees of same sex attraction.

What is troubling is this "journalist" seems not to question if he broke a important social contract. Whata next going to AA meetings and reporting who is there? What if a someone is vocal against drug use but attends NA meetings. I suppose some gay activists will go that is different!!

Well what about someone that opposes porn but goes to a porn self help group in order to overcome that addiction? Shall that be reported too?

I guess what I find disturbing is this "journalist" broke confidences so easily and does not seem to think there is a moral problem with any of that.

I am sure the journalist here has all sort of justifications for what he did. However it does seem a unfortunate line has been crossed.

Also is not in the background the whole "bisexual" flys out the window issue. Thereare differing degrees of Same Sex attraction that people might have over their lifetime. I am not sure that because a man might be tempted to have same sex relations with a man at a certain point makes him a hypocrite. Again troubling.

Update- Abbey Roads has a great post on this here. See the whole thing and the good comment that is posted too. I am going to excerpt a portion of that because it touches on another aspect that made me MAD!!

The tragedy in this article is how the participants involved in the support group have been presented. I've never been to a support group but from what I've seen in documentaries and heard from those who have, there is a candor amongst participants due to the private nature of the meeting, a vulnerability expressed while speaking of their interior struggles which might otherwise sound laughable in other circumstances, or to an outsider who is convinced their struggle is unwarranted in the first place. In fact such comic scenarios - taken out of context - work very well in sit-coms and stand-up. Nevertheless, such conversation and self revelatory dialogue must be assessed in the privacy of the setting.


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Realist said...

It is a crying shame that it took a "gay" activist to expose this hypocrite pastor. Apparently there are plenty of enablers helping each other hide their hypocrisy from the unsuspecting congregations that pay their salaries. Honest people do not need any privacy rights regarding their sex lives. We all deserve the privacy of a closed bedroom door, but we certainly do not need any privacy regarding who is in the bedroom with us. What I want to know about this so-called Pastor's sex holiday in Europe is the ages of all of his sexual conquests. Were all of them full grown consenting adults?
If people would just read and follow the Bible, we would not be having all these problems. The Bible tells us that a Pastor must be the husband of one wife, and he must have his own household in order to be qualified to help others. When you have a spouse to keep you in check, you are not likely to go to Europe to have sex with strangers. I don't care about the ethics of the so-called "gay" magazine that outed this man, but I am very concerned about the ethics of all the so-called Christians who enabled this man to deceive his own Church and kept his sinful secrets for so long.

James H said...

I am not sure how he is a hypocrite. It does seem he is recongnized some actions he is tempted to do as sin and is taking measures to try to avoid those occasons of sin.

I think it would be one thing to catch this Lutheran Pastor is some gay club partying the night away but quite another to inflitrate a 12 step program.

I think a Preacher can preach against sin and still have the temptations towars those sins just like the rest of us

Realist said...

I will explain how he is a hypocrite. I followed your link to the Lavender magazine, and it was reported that the Pastor, Tom Brock, told the group of men that he had been on a "preaching" trip to Slavakia, where he had succumbed to sexual temptation. He told about taking side trips all over Europe, and it is obvious this was a sex vacation, not a Christian Missionary trip.
When this man is in the pulpit condemning other homosexuals, he does not tell the congregation that he is himself a closeted homosexual, and that is how he is a hypocrite.
It seems very strange to me to question the ethics of a "gay" magazine for "outing" a closeted homosexual Pastor, rather than being much more concerned about the ethics of the Pastor.
Why does anyone need for it to be a secret that they experience temptation? It is common to all of mankind! I experience sexual temptation every day, all day long. I don't need to go to a secret meeting with a room full of other people for all of us to talk to each other about our temptations. It is indeed strange that these meetings are for men tempted by other men, and women are excluded from them. Covering up "secrets" is just not a part of the legitimate Christian religion. It is most definately a part of the pedophile culture, and a part of the closet homosexual culture.

James H said...

Well I am not sure if all his trips to Europe were sex trips.

And I do see your point to some degree. I guess as to the issue of being a hypocrite a lot goes into that including how many times he had fallen and indeed what was the time btween incidents. Needless to say perhaps stepping down for a short period of time would be productive till he got matters under control.

However I do feel something for the man and in many ways because he experiences same sex attraction(we are not sure of how deep seated it is) he might understand how this lifestyle can be destructive ina personal way.

That being said I do think a line has been crossed when people go into self groups under false pretenses and then just report what is being said. Where will that end