Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Corporation loving New Orleans Federal Judge Feldman That Is Making War On Environment Is Another Crazy Right Wing Catholic Convert!!

Thankfully I think we can say we shall not see that headline on even the most radical left of Catholic sites. BUT THEY MIGHT BE THINKING IT :)

An interesting Catholic note on the Louisiana Federal Judge in the news. I actually met him years ago but I did not know this

OH and the devious Catholic Scalia. We knew he had to be involved!!

Finally, we ask, who is Martin Feldman, the trial judge who’s on a fast track to prominence or notoriety, depending on your perspective? WSJ’s Dionne Searcey offers some interesting glimpses into the 76-year-old judge.

He is well read and has a literal take on the law, according to lawyers who know him. “It’s no secret he’s a conservative judge,” one plaintiffs’ attorney said. He’s also friends with one Antonin Scalia. And, Searcey reports, several years back he converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Several lawyers said they see Feldman walking down the street to attend a Catholic Church almost daily

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