Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is the Catholic Church In This Bad Shape In New York?

It appears The Deacon Bench gives a view of his world in the big city. This is depressing. See A Catholic wedding in 2010

Lets compare of what I have seen in the Catholic South

A videographer, with lights, who roams around. A photographer

Ok check -sounds familiar

About 60 guests

What just 60!!!

small bridal party involving a maid of honor, best man, flower girl. Sometimes, there may be others.

Already this seems foreign to me. Catholic weddings down here have the half the grooms fraternity and drinking buddies in it and every "best friend" the Bride has ever had. Needless to say when you are under those bright light with the wedding party all those bodies produce a heat effect like you are on the surface of VENUS.

Pachabel's Canon" is the required processional music.

Ok check the same

A "unity candle" is probably involved in the proceedings.

Sadly check the same down here. I hate the Unity candle stuff

And, of course, the setting has to be a nuptial mass. Which does not begin on time. On a good day, it may start 15 minutes late. Thirty or 45 minutes is more typical.

Ouch 30 to 45 minutes late. There would be a revolt down here.

Once things are underway, no one knows when to sit, stand or kneel, because most of the wedding guests, though Catholic, rarely go to church, so the celebrant has to direct them. Likewise, hardly anyone knows the responses. "The Lord be with you" is followed by deafening silence. A few people are able to stumble through the "Our Father" and one or two other prayers. The rest is silence.

This is the depressing part of this post. I have never encountered this. Have people been taking their kids to Church up there. Good grief.

At the appropriate time, a dozen or so people shuffle forward for communion. How many of them are actually Catholic is anybody's guess.

Actually if only a dozen go to communion that should be a good thing since it pretty clear most of this folks have not been to confession in decades. That being said down here I don't think we have a lot of Protestants and such going to Catholic communion at weddings. They know that is improper.

A few people are able to stumble through the "Our Father" and one or two other prayers. The rest is silence

At this point I am praying he is exaggerating. I have never encountered this!!

Somewhere, in the middle of it all, the bride has inserted a musical interlude of "Ave Maria," because it's the Catholic the thing to do.

Check- I hope they understand the important of bringing in Mary in this special way. I am doubtful at times

If she's feeling especially adventurous, she may have a pair of singers attempt "The Prayer" -- which, unless one of the singers is Andrea Bocelli, is almost always a bad idea.

Thankfully it appears this "The Prayer " thing song is absent down here.

Typically, the whole event ends with applause and tears.

I have seen tears not much applause. Most people want to get to the reception.

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