Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Movies To Get You In the Mood For the Fourth Of July For Conservatives and Liberals

American Catholic has their Top Ten!! Where is Red Dawn?

I agree with the number ! 1776 is awesome.

I am hoping for controversy a certain Catholic blog does an alternative list. They might. It is usually the time of year where we have the "Why Are we Celebrating", "Why Do we Have American Flags in Church", "Why are we Singing God Bless America", post.

I will kick start it for them
(1) Anything by Michael Moore
(2) W
(3) Manchurian Candidate (New Version where Greedy Corporation with Republican like looking folks try to take over the Government.)
(4) Reds (This is actually one of my favorite political movies but not for the 4th)
(5) Wall Street (Because of Citizens United)
(6) Three Kings (This is actually a great modern war movie but has fallen out of favor since it implies Liberating Iraqi folks was good back then)
(7) 'Bob Roberts'
(8) "The American President" (Can do West Wing Flim Festival instead)
(9) "Runaway Jury"---(Timely because of the Gun Rights case)
(10) The China Syndrome - The Movie that set back Nuclear Power 20 years but good
(11) Arlington Road (Oh those darn Tea Party Folks)
(12) Norma Rae (Good one)
(13) Wag the Dog

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