Monday, June 21, 2010

South Carolina Baseball Communications With the Dead and The Nobilty of Oklahoma's Caleb Bushyhead's Name

Hail Caesar

Well the South Carolina /Oklahoma match up in the College World Series finally got started after a 4 hour rain delay that was then interrupted by another rain delay.

I was rooting for South Carolina since they were SEC. We learned something about them during one of the rain delays . The announcers told a story that during a prior rain delay in some game this season the SC team wandered off. Finally someone found the whole team in a dark black room with only a phone as a light and all the on the ground swaying with each other holding a SEANCE!! Weirdos!!

Sadly their communication with the dead could not help them last night and they lost a close one. Now they go to dreaded elimination game where they will have to pray they are not two and barbeque. See Oklahoma gets out of late jams in 4-3 win at CWS

However last night we saw the very good play of Caleb Bushyhead of Oklahoma. Now I have to admit I never heard of that peculiar last name before.

However it appears to have very noble origins. Your totally fun fact for the day.

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