Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maybe the President Needs A Kill Switch on the Internet?

I have a lot of Civil Libertarian principles when it comes to Free Speech. Still I am not going to be against this Kill switch on the Internet idea till I hear it all out.

Acts of the Apostasy has What Could Possibly Go Wrong? and one of many voices that raise legitimate concerns.


Acts says:
And I don't care if the president is liberal or conservative. Such far-reaching power and ability to affect people's lives with the "push of a button" is exactly the kind of situation our Founding Fathers wanted to restrict and eliminate. This is completely against the principal of limited government and counters the ideals of what it means to live in a free society...........

More on that push of the button later

And besides - is giving more control to an incompetent, bloated, sloth-like entity such as the Federal Government the wisest thing to do? The best things they do are a) run wars; and b) print money. But computer systems and the Internet?......

Now when you think of it we give the President some awesome power dealing with the 'push of the button" That is the Nuclear arsenel!!! Now in reality there are safeguards and the President cannot just wake up one day and say hey I want to desttory the world. There are military checks.

What this is about is to deal with a huge cyber attack on the USA that could be devastating. Just like I don't expect the President to have to wait to convene Congress to ask permission to launch the ICBMs as Chinese Missiles are rushing to the USA I am not sure of the wisdom of holding hearings as the USA is under a cyber attack.

We have a CYBER command in the military now to deal with this. Shall we leave it just up to them? What happens to Civilian Control. We don't give the military permission to fire the nuclear missiles without Civilian permission. So unless someone has a idea how to keep civilian control over this I am open to it.

This is the new front in war and yes that becomes an Federal problem and involves our Commander in Chief.


Lazy Disciple said...

I'm with you, James: I want to hear this all out.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has read the entire point of this understand that this is not some "I will control the Internet" switch that most right-wing sheep are saying over and over again

It is idiotic to read nonsense from people who haven't even read what this is (unlike this site which seems to take an educated, rational response)

James H said...

Well I guess this just makes sense to me . We have factions of Cyber command near me at Barksdale AFB. I mean I suspect they got the kill switch. So it seems that some Civilian part of the GOVT has to have conrol at some point