Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can Seventh Day Adventist Have Liturgical Worship

That thought blows my mind since I would have to think it would give them a serious case of the Catholic heebie jeebies .

I uspect a lot of people might not be interested but I have a rather strong Adventist influence in parts of my family so oh well its my blog :)

This former Adventist turned Catholic has some interesting posts he is doing on this. See

Are We Worshipping?
Are We Worshipping? II: Video
Are We Worshipping? III: My Difficulties
Are We Worshipping? IV: Clarifications
Are We Worshipping? V: The Genius of Liturgy
Are We Worshipping? VI: The Vertical Orientation of Liturgy
Are We Worshipping? VII: An Adventist Liturgy


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I know absolutely nothing about the Seventh Day Adventist, but that list of links should clue me soon as I have the time to sit and read them, I'll get myself informed. Thanks! :-)

James H said...

No problem. His blog is a pretty good read and can get you familar with them