Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Highlights in the Clarion Herald of New Orleans

The new edition of the Clarion Herald of the ArchDiocese of New Orleans has been released. It is on PDF and available for download here. It is a tad slow to download but worth it. Just start downloading and go fix dinner or lunch. Here are a few articles of interest.

On page 3 they have a nice article on the Latin Mass Tradition at St Patrick's Church on Camp Street.. I thought this was insightful quote from the priest in response to the priest having his back to the people thing. Father Klores stated:
“I have a priest uncle who was in Gen.
Patton’s Army in World War II,” Father Klores
said. “He used to tell me how the troops loved
Patton because, unlike most generals who
stayed behind the lines, he was at the front with
his pearl-handled pistol and jodhpurs saying,
‘Follow me.’ I don’t think you’d fi nd a soldier
in that Army who was upset that Gen. Patton
had his back to the troops. (In the Mass of the
1962 Roman Missal) we’re all going in the same
direction to meet the Lord

Nice. Good article.

In fact this is one of several postive articles on the Classical Roman Mass. There is another article on page 5 about a family that attends St Patricks and active in the latin Mass. However their main experence with Latin is with the Novus Ordo Mass that is done at St Patricks also.

There is a interesting rundown of the Jesuit Priests celebrating their jubliee, A Catholic woman that is living with MD, and some nice photos of the new Cupola at Notre Dame Seminary. Check out the whole thing

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