Monday, July 30, 2007

Catholic Apologetics and the "Latin Mass"

I am pretty sure that the Mass of John Paul XXIII will not be the mass that is my main avenue of prayer and communion with Christ and the whole Blessed Trinity. I welcome it though and looking forward to having it as a part of my spiritual life as a Catholic.

I do think thought that every Catholic, regardless of if they attend the "latin mass" , needs to start to get familar with the basics of this liturgy. Non Catholics will start asking a whole new set of questions. Anti Catholics will no doubt try to use certain myths about the Classical Roman mass against Christ's Church.

What prompted me to think about this was this post at the The BOB CATHOLIC Show blog. In that post a Schismatic Catholic priest says that Pope Benedict's claim that as he puts it "The two Masses are NOT two expressions of the same Roman Rite. This is not even a half-truth. It is simply completely false."

Of course I have been saying that it is. However, I am not sure I am at this point that I could give an adequate clear explanation of why that is.

This form of the Latin rite as well as the beautiful and sacred liturgies of the Eastern rite Catholics are all part of our Catholic Patrimony. A patrimony that should be embraced and defended and explained.

I shall be a on the look out for a good Apologetic resource for the "latin Mass" that will be helpful for those Catholics that are not familar with it.

I think a immediate Resource is Father's Z's blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say, that is on my blogroll. He is sane, clear and has a lot of humor. Also he knows that the heck he is talking about.

I am going to start getting a list together of sane and truly Catholic blogs that focus on this. Some(not all) sites that I run across that focus solely on the traditional mass are to put it bluntly wacko. In fact I am not at all comfortable with all that is on their sites and they just further sterotypes. That is not the case with most however. Still one should be careful. Any site that has as its agenda the bashing of Mass of Paul the VI(the new Mass) is not one I shall be including.

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You make a great point, keep it up.