Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adding Some More Catholic Blogs to My Links

I am adding some new bloggers to the Catholic Blogroll section and one to the New Orleans Catholics blogs.

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message is going in the Archdiocese of New Orleans blogs and link section. However, Father Brown is not currently in New Orleans. I am giving a exception here. Father Brown is a native and has spent many of his years ministering in New Orleans. For years he was at a Church that has a special place in my heart. That is St Dominics in the Lakeview area of New Orleans. Lakeview got devastated by Katrina and was where most of my friends from that area lived. He was there for that Church in the horrible post Katrina days where for a time the congregation was blown to the 4 winds. I suppose it still is in some ways. He has a wonderful daily message and talks about the Saints of the day. He is currently in Lufkin Texas.

Antonia's World is a Catholic UK blogger. Many people have commented that something special appears to be happening to the Church in the USA. I sense that is happening in the UK and perhaps it is even more profound. Any way Antonia has a very smart blog. She is a medical student in her 5th year and talks alot on Pro -Life issues. Her husband is a getting a PHD in physics. Which means they are so much more smarter than me it is not even funny. It is a wonderful blog so check it out.

Rise and Pray is another UK blogger. He is a recent CONVERT. He als works for the police which is pretty exciting. I am not sure what he does for the police. For all I know he does extensive exciting crime fighting work by day and talks about the Glories of the Roman Mass by night He is also Scottish it appears. His blog is so interesting and show how fun it is to be a convert in this internet age. He also goes on a lot of trips in the area of Catholic interest. As I mentioned earlier something special is happening in Great Britian.

Now lets travel thousands and thousands and thousand and thousands of miles to Australia. Here is a new Catholic from the Anglican tradition. Let me introduce you to The BOB CATHOLIC Show. This blog is one I was enjoying reading a few months back and then forgot where I found it. Luckly , I saw he commented on Catholic Underground(that is on Diocese of Lafayette link list) regarding Father Chris latest podcast. I find Australia very interesting and probally have of course a too romantic notice of the place. I think my interest started with reading The Thornbirds in high school. Australia is going to be taking more of a place on the world stage in the future in more ways than one. Next year World Youth day will be held there. I should also note that the United States just finished the biggest military joint excercises with Australia we ever had. Anyway I am going off point. Check him out. Oh and cool pic of the Pope you see above. I took it off his blog. THANKS.

More blogs later.

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