Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun Quotes From Louisiana Tech Head Coach Dooley

Coach Derek Dooley of Louisiana Tech is at the WAC media days up in Idaho. Coach Dooley is the Coach that we Tech Fans think is the man to being us to the football promised land. A promised land that can been seen but yet just can't be reached so far . I am optimistic especially with the job with recruiting he did this year coming in so late.

Some Fun Quotes and parts of the article from the Idaho paper .

La. Tech coach tries to make name for himself
Derek Dooley is the son of a famous coach and was an assistant for Saban at LSU

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Louisiana Tech's first-year head coach has a famous last
name and an impressive resume.

But Derek Dooley — the 39-year-old son of legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley and a member of Nick Saban's staffs for the past seven years — doesn't want those two factors to define him

"I'm not trying to be my father. I'm not trying to be Nick Saban," Dooley told reporters at the Western Athletic Conference football media preview on Monday. "I have a different personality than both of them."
Dooley, who was hired in December to replace Jack Bicknell, showed off that personality. With a thick Southern accent, the nation's sixth-youngest head coach offered a quip for almost every question.

• On why Vince Dooley's son left Georgia to play college football at Virginia: "So I could use my first name for a change."

• On Louisiana Tech's difficult travel schedule in the WAC: "I think it's an excuse. ‘It's not fair we had to travel.' ... That's ludicrous. These guys are 18 years old, 20 years old, they stay out until 3 in the morning anyway. These guys don't even know what morning and night is. And you're telling me they're tired? I don't buy it."

• On Louisiana Tech's need to play "money" games against big-time opponents: "Nick (Saban) always told me it's not about the money. It's about the amount."

• On his short career as a lawyer: "I won a couple of cases. I got my ass kicked a couple of times. It was like football."..............

Quote of the day
Dooley heard complaints in Ruston, La., that Louisiana Tech's offense was to blame for its inability to reach a bowl game since 2001.
Dooley, however, quickly noticed that the Bulldogs' defense was ranked the worst in the nation, which made him wonder about his new neighbors.
"Is everybody dyslexic in Ruston?" he thought.

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