Friday, August 19, 2011

Rick Perry And The Real Texas Dream Act- A Conservative View In the Houston Chronicle

The immigration ( illegal) and in yes in some quarters LEGAL immigration debate is complex. A lot depends on where you live as to viewpoint thus I think it's folly to say that all ( insert ethnic group) ,(insert party) , ( insert political leaning) , (insert Faith Tradition), all think the same.

In fact my experience is people have rather diverse views on the subject what to do with all the complications of illegal immigration that involve real live human beings and legitimate competing interest.

An example can be found here in this article as an Texas Democrat operative tries to patiently explain to the "Austin" bunch that Texas Democrats are a tad conservative.

....The conservatism of Hispanics is clearest — and most surprising — when you look at the immigration questions in that 2008 poll.
It found that a third of Hispanics supported building a border wall, and that was the good news for liberals.
Fully 35 percent of Hispanics voting in the Texas Democratic primary opposed giving preventive health care to illegal immigrants because it could provide an "incentive for illegals to have children here."
That's right. More than a third of Texas Hispanic Democrats were worried about anchor babies

Yet those same TEXAS Hispanics no doubt cringe and oppose some things some in the GOP say on the issue. As to Hispanics it seem both parties and many pundits assume a view. Again Hispanics like everyone else seem to be grappling with the issue and have their own set of possible solutions they are grappling with.

Which brings us to nice piece of immigration sanity by a conservative voice in Texas. See Gov. Perry and The Texas Dream Act that appear in the Houston Chronicle.

I am not sure there is "one" true conservative GOP way to handle the illegal immigration problem. At the very least I think there has been too much demonizing views and not enough discussion on this.

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