Thursday, August 11, 2011

Governor Rick Perry and the Baptist Female Pastor Issue

Who knew there was a connection. But this writer must think there is because he makes sure the good Governor makes an appearance.

In an article ,Opinion: Same old battles, same old demise , about an controversy dealing with female Baptist Pastors that is now playing out this appears:

Flat Rock’s situation reflects a larger rift at work within the larger American Christian fabric. From Gov. Rick Perry to “Christians for a Sustainable Economy,” we see repeated attempts to demonstrate superiority over people -- not solidarity with people. Expelling a church because a woman is a pastor says to the larger social context, “You are less and unworthy of association with us because a woman is a pastor.”

Well if you say so. Now I don't comment a lot on on the Baptist female pastor issue because:
1- Baptists and Catholics have widely different views on what a Ordained Minister does in some regards.
2- In fact we have different view on what an Ordination actually does
3- Baptist don't even believe in Sacraments

So at some point what can I contribute to their discussion?

However why does Rick Perry make an appearance. Is the author assuming that only liberals in the perhaps both the political and theological realm support this move? Is he sort of telegraphing what viewpoints he envisions female Baptist pastors should bring and on the flip side SHOULD NOT BRING.

He must because if you wish to win friends and influence people I am not sure why Rick Perry is making an appearance.

I know some "conservative" Baptists that would have no problem with female preachers.

I know political conservative and theological Methodists that have no problem with female Preachers.

Now I know the Southern Baptist Church is different and has it's own ethos .

Again I found it just an curious add on to an article that made little sense to me if you are trying to get people to listen to your point of view.

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Andy said...

That is hilarious. So long as we are interjecting non-sequiturs, why didn't he just end the article with "Bush lied, babies died"?