Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Do You Do With 1.4 Million Unconsumed World Youth Day Blessed Eucharists

Now that is an interesting logistic question.

I caught tweets this morning that because of the storm last night most people at World Youth Day could not be able to go to communion. Thanks to some folks they got me the answer why. See WYD: Communion in doubt for many at Sunday's mass

So it does make sense when you have a Mass where 1.4 million are at s it's unlikely you are going to get a Blessed Host from the actual Altar that day I suppose. In other words you getting one that was in reserve like when the Priest adds some from the Tabernacle at Mass.

Now the interesting question is how in the world do you make sure 1.4 million ,or about, Bodies of Christ ( The Real Presence AKA JESUS) are handled properly and distributed in a way ( I suppose Spain) that they consumed in a timely matter. I am sure it is happening but something interesting to think about. I am not sure what Mass Attendance is in Madrid ( hopefully there will be an uptick after this week) but maybe one can do it there. But still that is work

Ah the unexpected details one has to deal with at these Liturgical major events.

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