Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Orleans Columnist Looks At Firestorm Between St Augustine and the Josephites

And of course the Archbishop. See James Gill's column at St. Aug's paddle proponents hit back: James Gill

Here is the problem. I don't think anyone can say at all that the one side is doing any sort of "tame submission" that is for sure. However as mentioned there it now might have got to the position of being out right scriptural flaunting of any authority by some.

It's a tough situation


Tim said...

The problem is twofold.

First, St. Aug alumni are clinging to tradition over science. Catholics claim to be proponents of science, so St. Aug looks ignorant and backwards in this regard. Not good for overall image and certainly not good for their students.

Second, St. Aug alumni are fighting the recognized authority of the church. This is a major problem with Catholics today--they claim to be part of a worldwide church headed by the pope in Rome, but then they pick and choose what to believe and when to follow the directives of recognized authorities in the church. St. Aug alumni are setting the example that it's okay to flout religious authority, which again is bad for the school's image and a terrible example for students.

The solution is either St. Aug admits its errors and rejoins the fold, or, St. Aug parts ways with the church and becomes and independent non-denominational school.



James H said...

I feel for the parents but I think in the end you are right. You can't talk about the need to spank in order to impose discipline on one hand and then flout authroity on the other