Friday, August 12, 2011

Even Martin Luther Would Not Have Given Communion In the Hand

I LIKE THIS MAN!! See Auxiliary Bishop Says Communion In the Hand is a Calvinist Novelty

Oh OH but the early Church take communion on the tongue all the time so so so ...

Well ok:

The Options are

..........The antique Church had practiced a completely different form for the reception of Communion.In that period the hand in which Communion was received was purified before and after.Additionally, the faithful would take the Body of the Lord from their hand in a disposition of prayer with his tongue:"If anything it was more of an oral reception of Communion than in the hand".After Communion, the communicant had to lick their hands with their tongues, so that even the smallest particle should not be lost.A Deacon supervised the purification.

The Auxiliary Bishop cotinued: "This concern and care stands in direct opposition to indifference and carelessness with which so called Communion in the hand is dispensed."Women never held Communion simply on the flat of the hand.They spread a white cloth, a manner of corporal over their hand.Then, they would receive Communion directly to their mouth from the linen cloth....

Or in the age of the SWINE FLU where perhaps some not too thrilled with their pew mate licking their hands all over the place we could just

(2) Do Communion on the tounge


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Anonymous said...

Actually, many early communicants would be given the eucharistic bread (leavened bread), and they would take it home (or out into the desert), so they could partake of communion.

We don't even want to go into what St Macrina did with communion.

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